Friday, 20 January 2017



1- Mother: 8:30

2- The End: 5:08

A wounded creature, torn into a million infected pieces, poisoned with a nihilism of the soul, agonisingly aware of the sickness that condemn his life, whispers, pleads, cries and finally, sings to the life giving agent who started it all.

‘Mother,’ you do not want to make soul contact, for there is madness here, a sticky madness that binds to the abyss. Take the hand of your guide, and visit the frozen no-man land where insanity reigns. Breathe in the intoxicating dankness of the pit where there is blood on the walls, but do not linger. Be as a tourist, explore in safety, but then, please, return quickly to the love of your family and the sanctuary that is your home.

Two songs, ‘ Mother,’ a wail of disease, wallowing in degradation, on a cold marble floor, stained red with deep scars of despair. Did you really do what you think you have done? Ponder on it, for you have all of eternity, here, now, in stasis of regret, sick-boy you have reached ‘The End.’

Available at the link below, with an excellent comic book, raw-pain alien lizard god art, a narrative of Nephilim and bloodlines, sleeping Gods, awakening, a vessel, a boy, destruction of the world. If you are like me, if you are a student of Bible prophecy, Zecharia Sitchin, David Icke, Erich Von Daniken and Graham Hancock, if you know these names, you’ll want the comic book. If however you are reading these lines with a puzzled look upon your face, stop, it’s okay, there’s a door opening. Buy the book, CD included, read, listen, experience. The doorway to VON has opened for you.

Click on link. Buy now, music and book or digital single. Use the discount code "rant" and you will receive an amazing 50% off all orders. You can thank me later:

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